Case Studies.


    Gateway Pediatric Therapy is one of the country’s finest centers for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities. It’s comprised of 14 clinics offering over 90,000 square feet of treatment space, and growing.

    CHALLENGES. In the winter of 2018, Gateway was experiencing rapid growth. Their geographically decentralized clinics were experiencing inconsistent outcomes in cleanliness and a delayed response to problem solving. Their staff was receiving complaints and staying after hours attempting to rectify them. An RFP was distributed seeking multiple vendors to service three properties each.
    SOLUTION. After a long period of due diligence where Midwestern Janitorial surveyed the properties and met with department heads at each clinic, they customized a plan that could be executed across all locations with consistency and continuity. The undertaking led to Gateway Pediatric awarding Midwestern Janitorial all 14 clinics, not just 3 as sought in the original proposal.


    Ari-El Enterprises operates a diverse portfolio in excess of three million square feet which incorporates industrial parks, office buildings, retail centers, apartment communities, free standing buildings and land for build-to-suit.
    CHALLENGES. In 2019, ARIEL's medical office portfolio was fully occupied, but tenants were disgruntled with the cleaning offering. Their cleaning vendors were overwhelmed and out of new ideas. After on-boarding a new property manager with a fresh perspective, ARIEL decided to put out an RFP strictly for their medical office properties.
    SOLUTION. ARIEL met with several vendors but were surprised to find a firm who specialized in medical office and clinical settings. One of the conditions of the due diligence process with Midwestern Janitorial was that they meet with each tenant and create a scope that, on average, all tenants could be happy with. Midwestern Janitorial's proposal was intriguing, and their upfront time investment with each tenant paid off. ARIEL granted Midwestern Janitorial a 3 year contract for all 5 properties.


    Dr. Rapp is one of the most renowned spine surgeons in the region. He also happens to be an active investor, owning and operating three medical office buildings with upwards of 100,000 sq. ft. of rental space in Waterford, Michigan.

    CHALLENGES. Dr. Rapp had been with five different janitorial firms and couldn’t find what he sought. Whether it was his tenants or his patients, time and again he was being pulled away from his primary work to focus on putting out fires at his properties because the cleaning was not comprehensive enough to keep up with the demand.
    SOLUTION. Dr. Rapp was introduced to Midwestern Janitorial by a prominent real estate management firm in the summer of 2018. Midwestern spent 30 days getting to know the properties and their tenants, and building out a scope of work that would provide a holistic solution for the many facets of cleaning needed in order to operate his buildings properly. Dr. Rapp and Midwestern Janitorial embarked on a two year contract which was subsequently extended for 3 additional years.

  • "Rami took ample time to get to know our business and culture. MWJ often times has come up with creative solutions that serve our facilities even better than before. It is not hard to tell that Rami sincerely cares for each of his clients. They have made it tremendously easy for me to focus on our business and provide our staff and clients with a clean environment. For these many reasons, we have extended our contract and look forward to continuing services with Rami and his team."

    Roxanne Rayes, VP Interval Dev. Gateway Pediatric Therapy

    (14 ABA Clinics)

    Gateway Pediatric Therapy 
  • "Rami's attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched. He responds quickly to solve any issues that arise and is always willing to accommodate. Unlike any janitorial company I have ever worked with, MWJ is proactive and works hard to make their customers happy. I have never recommended a company to others as many times as I have recommended MWJ. They are a pleasure to work with."

    Kelly Keith, Property Manager

    ARIEL Enterprises

    (5 Medical Office Buildings)

    Ariel Enterprises 
  • "As a result of changing to Midwestern Janitorial, my buildings have seen a dramatic improvement to their cleanliness and their overall appearance.  My tenants have voiced complete satisfaction and appreciation to the upgrades that they have seen as well. Changing my janitorial services to Rami Paulus‘s company was definitely the right move for me. I just signed another three year contract with Midwestern Janitorial. Happily and without hesitation! I strongly recommend!”

    Steve Rapp, MD

    Michigan Spine Institute

    (3 Medical Office Buildings)

    Michigan Spine Institute 
  • "Our clients are smart and highly distinguished people with long track records of success. They are often role models within their industries. They’ve worked hard and have paid their dues, and they expect others to do the same. To serve clients like these, we realize we must do two things routinely well: choose our projects wisely, and ruthlessly prioritize our resources toward their objectives."

    Rami Paulus, Founder

    Midwestern Janitorial