“As a result of changing to Midwestern Janitorial, my buildings have seen a dramatic improvement to their overall appearance. My tenants have voiced complete satisfaction… I strongly recommend!”

Steve R. M.D.
President, Michigan Spine Institute

“The nature of our work requires attention and detail to our facilities. MWJ has gone above and beyond to accommodate. They took ample time to get to know our company… it’s easy to tell that Rami cares for his clients.”

Roxanne R.
VP Internal Dev., Gateway Pediatric Therapy

“The cleanliness of our facility has improved dramatically. I have received numerous compliments from our customers. Rami is well equipped to handle your business needs.”

Ryan N.
Facilities Manager, Total Sports

Rami’s attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction is unmatched. He responds quickly… MWJ is proactive… Supervisors are in constant contact with me when there are issues that they come across… I have never recommended a company to others as many times as I have recommended MWJ. They are a pleasure to work with.

Kelly Keith
Property Manager, Ariel Enterprises, Inc.

“Cannot express how pleasant of an experience it was to work with Rami & his team! Extremely dedicated & hands on … Thank you again Rami!”

Nicole D.
Director of Sales, Roostertail

“Midwestern Janitorial came in to consult on our overall cleaning procedures. They helped us immensely. Highly Recommend!”

Joe T.
Founder, American Hotels M & C

“Rami and his team created a miracle with our epoxy floor. We worked weeks to get it clean but nothing helped. Midwestern scrubbed, buffed and sealed it and our floor looked new in a matter of hours! We couldn’t be happier.”

Kelli D.
Principal, Partnr Haus

“We were provided excellent service … We plan to use Midwestern Janitorial again in the next several months. Rami and his staff are very professional.”

Collette P.
GM, Pee Wee Patch

“Midwestern Janitorial has been awesome. Since they started we haven’t had to ask for anything and everything looks great! We feel spoiled. The Owner checks in weekly. It shows how much he cares.”

Alysia M.
Office Manager, Befitting You

“Midwestern Janitorial’s services have been great!! By far, the best we’ve had. Thank you Rami!”

Christina M.
Office Manager, Dr. Farouk S. Tootla

“Midwestern Janitorial really does cater to the needs of our office and the entire building! It is always clean from the floor up! It’s improved so much since Midwestern Janitorial took over.”

Judy M.
Office Manager, Earphonics

“We need them to be in and out very quickly because our pharmacy is busy. They are always efficient and quick and their work is quality. We enjoy working with Midwestern Janitorial.”

Jaime S.
Director, Highland Pharmacy

“Part of staying safe is to keep things clean and sanitary. We brought in the brilliant Rami Paulus and his company Midwestern Janitorial, LLC … We highly recommend them.”

Kyle L.
GM, Hockey Sports Academy